kate masale k chhole and jeera rice

Kate masale k chhole and jeera riceĀ is another way preparing this favorite dish of Punjabi’s. My mom is my favorite chef, it’s like she can make anything turn into a new and a tasty dish. This is one of her recipes that made me love chhole all the more ! You might want to try a slight variation in chhole try this yummy recipe along with Jeera rice or Poori probably,whatever you like.I have given you the entire recipe for making jeera rice as well.It a very simple but delicious dish.

Ingredients for kate masale k chhole

chhole – 200gms

chopped ginger – 1tbspn

chopped garlic – 1tbspn

chopped onion – 2tbspn

cardamom – 3-4

cinamon sticks – 1/2 inch

chakri phool – 1

cloves – 2-3

red chilli powder – 1teaspn

coriander powder – 1teaspn

garam masala – 1 and a half teaspn

kasoori methi – 1teaspn

ghee – 1tbspn

jeera – 1/2teaspn

chopped coriander – 1tbspn

tamarind – 1 and a half tbspn

sugar – 1teaspn

salt to taste

Method to make kate masale k chhole and jeera rice

Firstly, soak 250gms kabuli chana(chhole) overnight.

In a cooker,add some oil and overnight soaked chhole and coriander powder,chilli powder

chopped ginger,garlic,onion and add 4cups of water, salt and wait for 4-5 whistles of the pressure cooker

when the chhole is boiled and tender add tamarind pulp,sugar and kasoori methi and let it cook.

Now, take a frying pan and add ghee throw in some jeera and let it crackle then add 1/2teaspoon of garam masala,1/2teaspoon of chhole masala.

add this tempering to the cooker.

let it simmer for 5minutes

your chhole is ready to be served!

Method for Jeera rice

In a vessel add some oil and jeera,cardamom,cloves and cinamon sticks

let it crackle then add rice

add twice the amount of water

now, let it cook until the rice gets cooked

lastly, put the vessel on a pan to put the rice on dum.

kate masale k chhole with jeera rice is ready.

kate masale k chhole and jeera rice

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