Cracker biscuit sandwich

Cracker biscuit sandwich is a super easy,healthy yet tasty option. In summers no one likes to get in the kitchen stand in front of that heat and cook hot food. It’s like visiting Goa in summers and taking a sunbath and then having a hot bowl of soup(stupid example) but i think you’ve understood my point. So to avoid all of that heat and hard work in summers,i have a great recipe for you.
cracker biscuit sandwiches are made up of yogurt and fresh strawberries or any fruit that you like for that matter.It’s summer time go out on a beach with your family,sort of a picnic ! You can carry fresh fruits, juice, salads and exotic recipes like mine(isn’t it a good way to promote my recipe).Carry a beautiful basket with all the items and yes don’t forget to carry your bikini /trunk.
So go ahead start packing cracker sandwich biscuits this is all you will need to make it.

Ingredients you will need to make cracker sanswiches

Cracker biscuits

low fat yogurt



Chop the strawberries and mix it with the low fat yougurt or you could go for a flavoured yogurt as well.

Now, take a cracker biscuit spread the mix on the biscuit.

Place another biscuit to make a sandwich.

chill untill firm.


cracker biscuit sandwich
cracker biscuit sandwich

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