Home made health bar

Home made health bar is my healthy option to avoid my sweet cravings. So lately, I’ve realized that I’ve been gaining weight and need to start having healthy instead of junk. Green tea and green leafy vegetables is not the only reliable source for my weight losing program home made health bar is an inexpensive recipe and believe me it’s a delight. You can carry it to work and everywhere you want as it doesn’t take much of space in your tiffin. This is a recipe liked by all, so if you are a mom you should definitely try making a few for your little one. If you miss your breakfast because you end up getting late for work everyday,like me, you can make these home made health bar and store them up in your fridge.

This is a hassle free breakfast on-the-go. You get up in the morning,get ready for work, open your fridge and Ta-da that golden wrapped  home made health bar of your’s is ready to go with you. For all those of you who think cooking is a task, try this recipe. You can make a sufficient amount of these homemade health bars and store them in the the fridge for as long as three months. So this festive season instead of distributing traditional sweets and chocolates,why not give out this healthy and nutritious bar to your friends and family.

Gym goers’ are the ones who can benefit the most out of this home made heath bar as it is full of nutrition and fibre. Before a tiring workout session if you have these bars pre-workout you will have a great source of energy in just a few bites. So let’s see what you all do you need to make your power pack bar.

Home made health bar


Ingredients you need to make home made health bar

Peanut butter- 1 cup

Honey- 1/4cup

cornflakes- 3 cups

muesli- 2 cups

raisins-1/2 cup



1.For home made health bar, pour out peanut butter in a large bowl and add honey.

2.Microwave these two ingredients for 30 seconds.

3.Now add cornflakes,muesli and raisins and mix it well.

4.Spread out a sheet of butter paper on a tray and empty the batter on the butter paper.

5.Chill it till it is firm.

6.Cut into pieces and wrap in butter paper and store it upto 3 months.

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