korean style tacos

Korean style tacos is what you have on mind ! well, all you need is some left-over chicken and your favourite BBQ sauce. You can also make fresh cucumber pickle to top your tacos with, the recipe is given below.

Ingredients for cucumber pickle

cucumber pickle
cucumber pickle

one large cucumber,sliced very finely

2 tbspn vinegar

1/2 teaspn sugar

1/2 finely minced fresh pepper

generous pinch of salt

mix all the ingredients and put in the jar,leave it in the¬†refrigerator for it to rest for one hour.If you want it to be less “crunchy”¬†then you can leave it for longer.

I have decided to put up the kimchi recipe for you too!

Ingredients For Kimchi


one cabbage 1kg

2 tablespoon coarse salt( do not use fine table salt)

1/3th cup of white rice vinegar

3 tablespoon of korean chillie pepper paste(gochujang)

1 very finely miced fresh garlic

2 tablespoon coarse korean chillie powder( gokchu guru)

1 tablespoon very finely minced fresh ginger

4 scallions,sliced in 2-inch (5cm) batons,include the green part.

when you add kimchi to your tacos,you will get a nice sweet and spicy flavour in your korean style tacos


cut the cabbage into 2-inch pieces. toss the cabbage in a large bowl to mix it well. Set the cabbage on a plate and put some weight on it to weigh it down for 24 hours.

mix together all the other ingredients well,in a non reactive bowl.

Squeeze the cabbage to get rid of the excess water completely and then add the cabbage to the marinade.Mix the cabbage and the marinade properly.

Pack it in a jar and cover it tightly and let it stand on room temperature for 48 hours,then chill it for 4-5 days before serving.

Now, for korean stlye tacos you will need,

cooked or leftover chicken

four tortillas

1/2 cup of pickled cucumber


BBQ sauce


In a pan take some oil and throw in those shredded chicken now toss it well with the BBQ .

Spread the tortillas and put the chicken with the BBQ on it.

top it with pickled cucumber and kimchi.

serve the korean style tacos with kimchi and BBQ,you’ll love it!

korean style tacos

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