Sweet ‘n’ Sour chicken recipe

Sweet and sour chicken recipe has been my favorite chicken recipe  that my mother taught me when I was really young. Chicken has been my all time favorite . Being a kid who loves spicy food and hates sweets, when one day, my mom calls me and my sisters for dinner and she tells me she’s tried something new,she’s made sweet and sour chicken. I looked at mom because we had never expected to taste sweet chicken ever! But like always my mom said try it and then decide. My sisters and i tasted and believe me fellas it was heavenly !

I loved it so much that Decided to take it to school in my lunch-box for my friends to taste and boast a little of my mothers food. So, today i decide to do the same that is boast my mother’s recipe and share it with all of you. Here it goes.



chicken    – (700gms)

garlic cloves  -(6-7)

chopped green chillies -(2)

lemon juice-(1/2 teaspoon)

vinegar – (1 teaspoon)

tomato puree -(1/2 cup)

chopped onion -(1)

red chilly powder -(1/2 teaspoon)

black pepper powder -(1/2 teaspoon)

salt ( to taste)

tomato ketchup -(4 tablespoon)

chopped coriander -( 2 tablespoon)

oil -(2 tablespoon)



For Sweet and sour chicken recipe firstly, you will need fresh and clean cut chicken pieces.

Heat oil in a pan and saute the chopped onions.

Once the oil is ready add in those fresh chopped garlic and saute it along with the onions.

Now, add chicken pieces and mix well all the ingredients in the pan.

Sear the chicken on high flame to bring out the flavour.

Now, add tomato puree,green chillies,black pepper,lemon juice,vingar and salt in the given quatities.

Add 1 cup of water and put a lid on, let the chicken  cook on simmer till it tender and ready to eat.

Lastly, add tomato ketchup and stir well till the curry reduces to desired amount.

Garnish with freshly chopped coriander.

Now,finally give yourself a great round of applause and enjoy it with  crispy toasted bread.

sweet and sour chicken
sweet and sour chicken



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